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SC2labs achieved Swift CSP Provider label

We are glad to announce that SC2labs has been granted a label of "2024 Swift Provider - Customer Security Programme Assessment" which means that SC2labs employs Swift Certified Assessors in the subject area: CSP Assessments.

As of today (13th March 2024) SC2labs is one of the only 3 organizations worldwide to have been listed in the Swift CSP Certified Assessors Directory and our assessors are two of nine first assessors certified worldwide.

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Why choose a Swift CSP Certified Assessor ?

Swift's launch of the Customer Security Programme Assessor Certification represents a significant step forward in strengthening the security landscape of financial messaging services. Through this framework, Swift users benefit from increased confidence, consistency, and access to assessment supported by a certified assessor. Swift itself reinforces its commitment to security by enhancing collaboration and streamlining oversight.

Benefits for Swift users

  • Increased Confidence: Swift users benefit from the assurance that their chosen Swift CSP assessment provider has met stringent certification criteria. This programme ensures that the providers possess the necessary expertise and capabilities to conduct thorough assessments and identify potential vulnerabilities accurately.
  • Consistency and Standardisation: The certification programme establishes a standardised approach to CSP assessments, ensuring consistency in the evaluation of security controls across different providers. This helps in determining the adequate assessment scope and a fair cost. Users can have confidence that the assessment process aligns with Swift's expectations, regardless of the chosen provider.
  • Access to Swift CSP assessment providers and their certified assessors: Swift provides transparency by publishing the Swift CSP assessment providers and their Swift certified Assessors in a dedicated directory on This simplifies the decision-making process for users, facilitating their selection of a provider employing certified assessors.

Benefits for Swift community

  • Strengthened Security Ecosystem: By implementing the Swift CSP Assessor certification, Swift further strengthens the security ecosystem surrounding its financial messaging services. Swift CSP Assessment Providers and certified Assessors contribute to the overall security of Swift users, reducing the risk of potential vulnerabilities and safeguarding the integrity of transactions.
  • Enhanced Collaboration and Partnership: Swift's launch of Swift CSP Assessor certification fosters closer collaboration with Swift CSP Assessment Providers, creating a mutually beneficial relationship. Swift can leverage the expertise of certified Assessors, gaining insights and industry intelligence that can support the continuous improvement of its security framework.
  • Streamlined Oversight and Service monitoring: With a certified pool of Assessors, Swift can streamline the oversight and quality assurance processes. The programme establishes clear criteria for assessing the providers' capabilities and ensures ongoing compliance.