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Validate PCI DSS certification

Every PCI DSS Attestation on Compliance (AoC) file issued by SC2labs is digitally signed and can be verified by EUTL (European Union Trust List)

The European Union Trusted Lists (EUTL) is a public list of over 200 active and legacy Trust Service Providers (TSPs) that are specifically accredited to deliver the highest levels of compliance with the EU eIDAS electronic signature regulation. These providers offer certificate-based digital IDs for individuals, digital seals for businesses, and time stamping services that can be used to create Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) based on digital signature technology. In eIDAS, only qualified signatures are legally and automatically equivalent to handwritten signatures. And, they are the only types of signatures automatically recognized in cross-border transactions among EU member states. Each EU member state supervises providers in its own country, but once a TSP has been approved in one country, their services can be sold in other EU countries with the same level of compliance.

To validate if the certificate is correct, please verify the digital signature by submitting the AoC file here:

or by using API or detailed information here:

The other way is to check the signature in Adobe Reader program if you have EUTL enabled (check the Edit -> Properties -> Trust Manager settings):